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Cameron Callahan

The State of the Dayjob, Comics, and the Future Tribal War

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The Dayjob

Things at the Dayjobtm are in a weird state. While I'm still horribly over worked and constantly stressed out... I am actually excited at a number of things. We will be getting a few new employees from another store, most importantly another full time tech, so hopefully I will actually have someone to rely on to get stuff done when I'm not working or after I've left. Depending on what needs to be done I can rely on some of the managers but that's a bit shaky. I need someone that I can talk to about what needs to get done without going into Customer Modetm and hoping they understand the problem.

I spent two days taking apart cell phones and rebuilding them, with a dozen other people in my position from other stores. It was a really great experience and I hope customers come in for phone repairs but our prices are very high. A lot of customers ask about it but so far they all run away when they see the price. While all the reasons I was given as to why we charge more than most places seem reasonable to me, the customers don't care.


I try but, man, I've got very little time. I'm working on getting a work flow down so that I can crank out short comics at a decent pace, but even though I recognize that I have the artistic talent of a four year old and that the only way to draw better is to draw a lot I have difficulty with it. I'm an ideas guy, right? I'm not a doodling guy, right? If I don't doodle then the ideas come out too slow and I have too much I want to write about.

The first three Scrambled CIrcuits issues - which total around 95 pages of comics - will be collected and sold solely as a paperback trade. I haven't sold any of those in print form in a couple years now, I've just had downloads and web versions of them up for free but I have actually had a decent amount of people contact me about print copies and I've never figured out how to deal with that.

So hopefully early next year I will have a special paperback available to replace the three mini-sized print issues that use to exist of Scrambled Circuits 1-3. Scrambled Circuits 5 is also in the works, as well as a couple surprise projects I've mentioned in the past that I am still hopeful I can pull together.

I'm trying to just take it as I can handle it right now. I'm very stressed with work and financial stuff right now. combined with a general lack of people around me lately (due to those two things, in part) and the whole holidays hooplah that I'm just working as I find the time and strength (which is usually between 3 and 7am before work). I also do freelance work after the Dayjob. Slow moving, sure, but it is at least always moving.

Simon Barry's CONTINUUM

I love FRINGE. It's one of my favorite shows of recent years. If you ask me, "Do you love the tv show Fringe?" I would say, "Why, I sure do."

If you asked me, "Do you recommend I watch Fringe?" I would probably respond with, "Well, ummm, let me warn you about some things first..."

Simon Barry's scifi show CONTINUUM came to an end last week and during the lead up to the final season I re-watched the first three seasons. Then I watched the final six episodes in one afternoon.

And it is the show Fringe desperately wanted to be but couldn't because of its 20+ episode long seasons, the unfortunate casting of Leonard Nemoy as a very important character when his age/health prevented him from being in more than a handful of episodes in the whole show, and... it being cut short before the showrunners had planned.

Though, Continuum was also cancelled seasons before the showrunner wanted. Simon Barry apparently had intended for it to be at least seven seasons and when he was informed he would get a final fourth season he and the writers wrote the six final episodes to lead into the ultimate ending that SImon Barry originally wanted.

I loved it. 

2077. My time, my city, my family. When terrorists killed thousands of innocents, they were condemned to die. They had other plans. A time travel device sent us all back 65 years. I want to get home, but I can't be sure what I will return to if history is changed. Their plan? To corrupt and control the present in order to win the future. What they didn't plan on, was me.

Cameron Callahan


These are the sorta of white boards you get when you live  with me. 

Cameron Callahan

Having rewatched the entire show in the last few weeks I can say that CONTINUUM is a great show that falters very, very little. I love it :)

Cameron Callahan

I watched the final 4 episodes of CONTINUUM tonight. It's like FRINGE if Fringe didn't have the really bad filler eps & nonsensical ending.

Cameron Callahan

Same bad CGI as final eps of S3 but at least its dumping us RIGHT back into the time traveling action without interr- WAIT, WTF IS HAPPENING

Cameron Callahan

Spent the last few weeks rewatching S1-S3 of CONTINUUM and am now putting on the first ep of the final season. Hope to go all 6 eps tonight

Cameron Callahan

I am officially the first (and only) associate in my store certified to repair cell phones. I'm sure this will go just swimmingly.

Cameron Callahan


I am officially the first (and only) associate in my store certified to repair cell phones. This will be very fun. 

Cameron Callahan

When I was a little kid I wrote a story in elementary school that had some accompanying illustrations and I've always wanted to re-do it as a full fledged comic, not changing any of the events or dialog, just give it a serious visual tone and laid out comic pages. It was halloween themed and so every year in October I get the urge to go through with that.

Cameron Callahan

*goes back to watching @GuildWars2 raid streams on twitch*